Ts and C’s for human beings:

Please note, this website is currently a hobby, alongside my “real” job. I will make every effort to run it efficiently but if I am unable to meet your expectations please contact me by email first and I’ll do my best to resolve any disputes personally.

1. Description of Products
a) Pictures, when printed, may look different to the colours on your screen.
2. Ordering
a) I reserve the right not to accept an order for any reason. A full refund will be offered if this happens.
3. Delivery
a) I’ll endeavour to have all products delivered within 14 days, but I cannot guarantee this.
b) Take a look at your images as soon as possible following delivery. If anything is amiss, let me know within 14 days, I can’t be liable for any loss or damage after this.
4. Cancellation and Returns
a) If you are not satisfied or have changed your mind, you have the right to cancel your order for 14 days from the date your image(s) arrive. Please email me if you wish to cancel the order and (should you wish to do so) your reason for cancellation.
b) You must return the images to me in the condition in which they were received. You will be responsible for arranging the safe return to me of any unwanted products by recorded delivery, the costs of which will also be borne by you unless you have cancelled the order because of the condition in which the images were received.
5. Governing law
The use of this website is subject to the laws of England and Wales.