Dan Pryor- Testing the new Invisi-cam 3000

Born and raised in Cornwall, in the south-west of the UK, Dan was forcibly coerced into adventure travel by his younger brother. They began their first adventure in 2008 with absolutely no preparation and on their first night (in Los Angeles) Dan’s rubbish first ever camera was stolen. The photos from that night were probably best forgotten anyway. In purchasing a second camera Dan realised that there might be more to the world of photography than a point and shoot camera and so half-heartedly spent some extra from the budget on a Kodak Z712 IS bridge camera, which had just enough creative options to spark an interest into what PASM actually meant. A free photography magazine helped answer that question and 6 months later he returned from his trip with a lot of mediocre photos and determination to get better.

That determination continues today after visiting over 60 inspiring and photogenic countries, with the insights from many aspiring and successful photographers along the way.